Joyful Healing -   Nurturing the outside ... Promoting healing on the inside
My Story . . .
I grew up in Vermont and Connecticut, singing and dancing
my life away as a kid!  (That's me ... last one on the right.)
I soon found myself on a cross-country adventure,
driving to a new life in Southern California.  The college
experience for me left little room for my singing and
dancing to continue. But, unable to release the music
from my life, and after stumbling across some amazing
singers, I joined the Sweet Adelines organization and
sang and danced in a chorus called Harborlites.
Along that journey,
I have embraced a
circle of life-long
friends.  And as we
traveled together
to perform, I often
ended up working the tension out of my friends shoulders or tired feet after a long day of rehearsal.  They would say to me, "Hey, you should be a massage therapist!"  I thought to myself, "What a cool job that would be!"  But I never did much about pursuing it ... until the twists and turns of an unknown future began working in my life.  I suddenly found myself faced with the opportunity to explore my dream and make it a reality. And what a blessing it has been!
Friends have always told me I have a healing touch and said that, even when they
were not in pain, my energy was very soothing. It was hearing those comments,
and seeing people's pain disappear, that ultimately caused me to pursue a life path
that could bring healing to many.
I have often heard it said that a career will find YOU, if you are open to allowing
your passions to develop and to seeing where they will take you. And that is exactly
what happened to me!
And in this age of electronic communications, and with the art of human contact so often getting lost in the shuffle of daily living, I found myself even further drawn toward the aging community and to restoring the art of human touch in their lives.  I feel twice blessed to have established a connection with our more senior population, and I seek to elevate the human spirit through massage and through an attitude of great respect and service, nurturing our aging community into joy-filled days.
I look forward to our paths crossing soon!
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