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When a person thinks of massage, he or she usually envisions a vigorous rubdown at the gym...or a long, relaxing session at a day spa or salon. Massage for the 
more mature client, whether for the senior who is
still extremely active or for those in a more frail state of health, takes on a whole new perspective.  And massage sessions can be tailored to every need
in the spectrum, addressing the specific issue or preference of each client, so that their health and vitality can be enhanced in the best possible way for each of them.
Assisted Living & Convalescent:
For example, massage for the elderly population uses different techniques, often a shorter session length, and is administered in the hospital bed, wheelchair, or wherever the client is most comfortable.  This unique modality is careful to consider the specific needs of the aging body. Softer muscle tissue, more frail bones, and thinning skin, along with the effects of medications and long-term convalescing, are just some of the issues which require much different techniques from those used in traditional massage.
Active Seniors:
Even the extremely active senior will benefit
immeasurably from this unique massage modality
as it improves cardiovascular health and circulation,
reduces inflammation, assists in flushing toxins, and
eases stress, stiffness, and so many
other age-related
ailments.  They may also take advantage of more
traditional services, such as Swedish Massage,
Hot Stone Massage, and body work including stretching, pressure points, and energy work.  Session lengths can
also increase beyond the half-hour for these services.
Degenerative & Long-Term Illness:
We possess an Advanced Certification to treat those with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Diabetes, and those who have suffered a stroke.  Modalities used address directly the specific needs of patients who suffer from these conditions.  (Additional degenerative disease care upon medical intake assessment, careful evaluation, and possible consultation with patient's physician or healthcare professionals.)

(Available for in-home massage, special events, information booths, on-site retreat sessions, conventions, spa parties, and more.  
You plan the event ... and we'll supply the TLC!)

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