Joyful Healing -   Nurturing the outside ... Promoting healing on the inside
Improving Life through Massage Therapy
Joyful Healing is a service dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of our senior community by opening the door to better
health and vitality.
Massage Therapy is one of the best ways to care for ourselves as we age, providing therapeutic benefit not just to our bodies, but also to our spiritual and emotional well being, as the nurturing effects of human touch is restored into our lives.
               Dawn Castiglione, LMT
           Joyful Healing, Owner
                         ~ Licensed Massage Therapist
                         ~ State Certified  (CAMTC, State of California, License #12290)
                         ~ American Massage Therapy Association  (AMTA)
                         ~ Lymphatic Drainage Certified  (AMTA)
                         ~ Geriatric Specialty Certified  (Day-Break Geriatric Institute, Educator)
                         ~ Advanced Certification for Degenerative & Long-Term Illness (Day-Break Geriatric Institute)
                         ~ Nationally Certified Geriatric Instructor (Day-Break Geriatric Institute)

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