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Gentle Nail Care

You can finally put your mind at ease knowing that safe, effective, and even enjoyable nail service is being provided for you or your loved one. Regular manicures & pedicures are vital to healthy senior living. Our mobile service comes right to you, takes the guess work out of finding a nearby location, and provides the comfort and privacy of your own home for your service. There are many things to consider when caring for the nails of even a very healthy senior. And, if the client is diabetic or has neuropathy, it becomes even more important that a trained professional is administering their nail care. The beauty of entrusting your loved one's nail care to a Joyful Healing professional is that they will always receive complete care, including informed precautions, foot soaks, cuticle care, and skilled trimming and filing. An extra benefit of massage to the feet and lower legs is provided, promoting healthy circulation of both lymphatic fluid and oxygenated blood, helping to reduce any swelling or edema that may be present.


Geriatric Massage Therapy

In this age of growing electronic communication, the art of simple human contact so often gets lost in the shuffle of daily living. Our tactile needs do not diminish but actually increase as we age. This unique modality carefully adapts to the specific needs of the aging body.  Softer muscle tissue, frail bones, and thinning skin, along with the effects of medications and long-term convalescing, are just some of the issues which require much different techniques from those used in traditional massage. We lovingly administer massage to aid in restoring and preserving health in all body systems, as well as providing measurable improvement in emotional quality of life. Sessions can be performed in a hospital bed, wheelchair, recliner, or wherever the client is most comfortable.


Companionship Care

Setting aside some time for personal companionship for our often isolated aging population emerges as a vital part of a sound health maintenance regimen, markedly improving the physical and emotional aspects of our later years. Give your loved one the priceless gift of stress-free moments listening to their favorite music, sharing their favorite stories from childhood, having a book read to them, or humming a cherished tune with the therapist. We find that a regular visit brings about a sense of calm and self-worth, diminishes loneliness and depression, and pays them due respect that often feels as though it slips away amid the daily hygiene routines and necessary interactions with their caregivers.


(Available for in-home massage, special events, information booths, on-site retreat sessions, conventions, spa parties, and more.

You plan the event ... and we'll supply the TLC!)

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